What is a European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI)?

An ECI is an officially recognised mass petition by which Europe’s citizens can urge the European Commission to propose legislation on subjects where it has power to bring in such legislation. To be accepted, an ECI must have at least one million validated signatures collected within one year of launch. Whether you sign online or on paper, it’s vital that you provide all the information requested on the form and fill it in accurately, otherwise your signature might not be counted.

Why is this ECI so important?

As you read this, hundreds of millions of farm animals across the European Union are suffering in cages. Many of them don’t even have space to turn around. A successful End the Cage Age ECI will help to transform the prospects for animals on Europe’s farms.

Who can sign the ECI petition?

All EU citizens can sign who are:

  • nationals of an EU member state (excluding UK) and
  • old enough to vote in European Parliament elections – this means age 18 or older, except Austria where the voting age is 16
  • Visit the European Commission website for more information.

What happens when we reach our target?

The European Commission will be required to formally respond to our call to ban cages in farming, and organisers will be able to present the initiative directly to the European Parliament. By reaching one million signatures, we will show policy makers that people across the continent are speaking with a single voice to End the Cage Age.

Why do you need certain information from me?

Each EU member state decides which personal information it requires on an ECI petition. Some member states only require a name and address, but others require information such as your passport number. All the information you enter on the petition page will only be used by each member state to validate your signature and will be securely destroyed immediately after your signature has been counted.

How many farm animals are caged in the European Union?